1. 70's Child
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70’s Child
Words and music by Butch Zito ~ 2005

I’m from Long Island, a 70;s child,
I love it, I miss it, back then life was wild
I left the island when I was a young man
Learned some about life and did what I can

I was so sure to take on the world
Along comes my love, a red headed girl
Life takes a turn, always a twist
With every decision, there’s always a risk

We laughed and we cried, some of us died
We followed the Dead and enjoyed the ride

We are the reason for “just say no”
We smoked lots of reefer, did way too much blow
Some are now sober, others still lost
We all paid the price no matter the cost

We watched Vietnam unfold on TV
We knew it was wrong, heartbreaking to see
Our turn would come if it didn’t end quick
We impeached that dog they called “Tricky Dick”

Our music did rock, it rolled and it swayed
Still sets people free to this very day

When I return to Long Island, I know where I’ll eat,
Pete’s deli is best, just can’t be beat
Talk about pizza, always a debate
You’ve tried the rest, now try the best

I see I am lucky to be here today
I have no regrets, still lucky I say
I’m from Long Island, back then life was wild
I love it, I miss it, I’m a 70’s child