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This is off an "unreleased Album caller "Zito's Bakery" ~ The Flying Butch Zito Brothers and Sisters. A good crop of songs with a 70's Hippie Country Vibe


Morning Thunder
June, 2004
Words and music by Butch Zito

The waves crash just like morning thunder
The beaches slowly fade away
Mother Nature does just what she wants to
& we have nothing we can say
There is absolutely nothing we can say

Like a sailor lost unto the ocean
His soul is all that’s really left behind
The boat he hoped would carry him to safety
Left him all alone and out of time
Now he’s all alone and left behind

The sailor’s they dance on the deck of the ship
To the sound of the fiddle and bow
They drink to remember the love’s they miss
So far away from home
Melody lead >>>>>>>>>> Verse lead
The clouds roll in as dark as night
As the winds begin to shift
The waves crash their starboard bow
That’s the end of the merchant ship

The ocean holds so many secrets
The winds, cry stories and a tale
Sewn by many fallen sailors
The ghosts of widows still watch to no avail
They stare at the horizon for a sail