1. My America

From the recording Three Chords and the Truth

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Some songs have to be written


My America

My America makes me sad, unrest across the land
My America feels so bad, hate I just can’t understand
My America makes me sad

Politicians bought and sold, self serving hearts so cold
What is right, they pay no mind, long as their pockets are lined
My America feels so cold

Oh Yeah and By the way
You cannot pray the gay away (2x)

Stoneman Douglas ~ Florida Heartlands
Santa Fe High ~ Gulf of Mexico
Capitol Gazzette ~ Annapolis Maryland
From here where do we go?

Oh Yeah and by the way
Pray the NRA away (2x)

Hey Cuz, let me shed some light, Jesus Christ was not white
A peaceful man who would not fight
Preachin’ love instead of war
a world where hate’s no more

Wait a minute something’s wrong
Instead of bridges we’re building walls
You cannot pray the gay away
Pray the NRA away
My America makes me sad
My America